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Autor:  Mick [ 02.02.2014 01:41 ]
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English for Runaways, here please.

Autor:  Didi [ 28.04.2014 17:45 ]
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No one, however, can touch Nürnberg when it comes to spelling out what supporting the club actually means. The Franconians' slogan is "Ich bereue diese Liebe nicht" – I don't regret this love.

It's got love, defiance ("I don't regret"), undying loyalty, it seemingly ticks all the boxes. But you can't help but wonder that the whole sentence comes across as strangely defensive, like something you'd encounter in a hamster breeders' social club or on a pop-art poster inside Cersei Lannister's bedroom. This isn't so much love as lust or passion, this is much closer to torture – the admission that as a FCN fan, you're forever stuck in an abusive relationship.

But true Nürnberg supporters will have seen the disaster coming. They'll recall that an unofficial club motto has been in existence long before the "I don't regret this love" line was dreamt up by an agency. "Der Club is a Depp," Franconians tend to lament, and it translates into an even more painful admission: This club is an idiot.

excellent comment... :wink

Autor:  Mick [ 10.05.2014 21:51 ]
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This reflects the truth....

Autor:  Didi [ 24.08.2014 13:30 ]
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cheap flights .... :hmm


Autor:  Plerchi [ 19.04.2015 08:52 ]
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I'd rather speek english, French is a language for gays 1eleven

Autor:  foyer [ 19.04.2015 10:26 ]
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Sis' are different exercises. Not only bumm! :gr

Autor:  Didi [ 16.02.2016 23:02 ]
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A nice interview with

Don’t look now, but traditionsverein 1.FC Nürnberg is in prime position for rejoin the Bundesliga for 2016/17. The Bundesliga’s most ever relegated-and-promoted side sits 3rd in 2. Bundesliga with 36 points from 20 matches, just one point behind 2nd place SC Freiburg (remember them?), and seven points behind 1st place RB Leipzig.

Quite interesting and near by the truth ....

Autor:  Didi [ 31.03.2016 12:26 ]
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Interesting comment and background about #Weiler and #FCN

René Weiler has managed to turnaround a situation that almost saw him sacked earlier in the season, to one which now sees 1. FC Nürnberg as the form side in the 2. Bundesliga.

From his humble beginnings as a footballer and manager, the Frankenstadion outfit’s head coach is bringing stability and results to der Club. With promotion now seemingly within touching distance, just how has the 42-year-old managed to go from minimal managerial experience to taking on and restoring a winning mentality to one of Germany’s biggest clubs?

Autor:  Didi [ 03.04.2016 18:57 ]
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A British doctor has been secretly filmed describing how he prescribed banned performance- enhancing drugs to 150 elite sportsmen, including Premier League footballers.

An investigation by The Sunday Times has found that Dr Mark Bonar charges sports stars thousands of pounds for illicit drug programmes.

unbelievable :hmm

Autor:  Didi [ 29.04.2016 09:41 ]
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FC Bayern München’s road toward the UEFA Champions League Final (we hope) has hit another speed bump away from home. Atletico Madrid took them down 1-0 at the Vicente Calderon and now there’s all to do in Munich next week. FC Bayern’s long-term types, meanwhile, have been busy turning the head of Borussia Dortmund’s Mats Hummels. He’s put in a formal transfer request with BVB to let them know he hopes to return to his boyhood club. Matt Hermann and Terry Duffelen join up to mull over both of those topics, as well as set up Match Day 32 in the Bundesliga.

In the middle, Matt is joined by Florian Zenger, 1.FC Nürnberg blogger extraordinaire at Clubfans United and Faszination Nordkurve. He brings us up to speed on what’s been going on at Der Club during its two-year hiatus form the top flight and how good its chances are of returning through the relegation playoff

Club talk is starting at 22.00 :top

Autor:  Didi [ 19.05.2016 13:08 ]
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For the first time in three years, a relegation play-off involving Germany's top two tiers will not involve Hamburger SV.
Instead it will be 1. FC Nürnberg gunning for Eintracht Frankfurt, in a bid to preserve their 100% record in the fixture.
However, Bundesliga clubs have prevailed in five of the last six play-off tussles; one will give way over the next few days.
New look Nürnberg

The reason that they could be looked upon as the outsiders in this clash, is because of Nürnberg's remarkable season. Despite a rough start and a patchy end, there were few teams that played as well as the Franconians during the middle part of the campaign. They went 18 games unbeaten to propel themselves to within touching distance of the top two but ultimately failed to take advantage of RB Leipzig's slip-ups.

Even with that disappointment, they ended the season on a high with two wins.

Has everybody a good feeling tonight? :gr

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